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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2013 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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test, test test, test >> director brinkman. >> actually, we haven't called it to order just yet. welcome ladies and gentlemen. >> okay director brinkman. >> and director heinecke is expected. director lee is also absent with notification.
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(calling roll) have a skoerm. thank you and our city attorney thank you for being here >> approval of the minutes and the meantime of the cell phones and other electronic advised are prohibited at the meeting. anyone would those sound producing disguised will be asked to lead the meeting and approval of the minutes. >> is there a second? >> all in favor say i. there are no items in the
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litigation >> thank you so new or unfinished business members of the board? >> well, we, be going for a record here. >> good afternoon staff and members of the public. just a few quick things. we're happy to start with special recognition award for staff. and for the paint job. i'd like to ask a few people to come forward. you have not even told you what ron's define there. ron's been a painter. he quickly established himself
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as a hardworking crew member and spending time with the striping cruise including understanding the operation of the except and how the crisis function pr he was elevated to be a leader in 2005 and since then he's developed into the shops more reliable workers. he's been an important asset with particularly with training of new painter which is not just the technical operation of the vehicles and except and make sure the paint goes bound in the right way and stays there are by also the safety. the cruise are working identity in the midst of traffic. they have equipment that has it's on complexity and he's done
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is great job of coordinating the traffic flow and to insure first and foremost 3 everybody's operating safely. among the things that the crew does it maintenance and install the bike lanes. a few years back they've been busy with that arrest every time we may have a street that are part of a bond for new bike lanes these guys are right behind the paying off cruise. their extremely busy crew those days. we have a capital plan that's going to keep these guys busy for a long time.
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so in the process of having iron there it is really, really helpful and necessary. we wouldn't be able to do the work without ron. he brings a positive face and voice to the agency. he always works with a smile. and everybody who pass by will save and he gets the work done. so i want to thank ron >> good morning, mr. chair members of the board. yes ron mr. reiskin was talking about i. so, anyway ron, there plaque can't even begin to convey our
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appreciation for the work. i sleep at night better and keep up the great work. we really appreciate your passing out our information to the new employees. and before you speak i'll ask tony to say a few words >> good morning i just want to add that ron is a great employee for the city and county of san francisco. he provides the leadership necessary and trains the new painter and willingly shares his knowledge. he's the primary lead guy. he communicates effectively.
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he makes my job easier. thank you. again ron. >> on behalf of the board congratulations. we'd love to meet your fan club here, too. my supervisors. >> we were given other awards recently. >> anybody who works in our agency you would know it takes a lot of skill to do what we do.
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(calling names). we have a great group of individuals in our shop and this couldn't be possible without them. thank you very much i'm very honored. >> thank you. mr. reiskin. >> next i want to ask from the traffic division a couple of men. today, we're recognizing 3 gardeners. but this is maybe some, some of the less visible folks that makes muni what it is. we have landscaping that is under our responsibility and while people may not know that and think it's part of the city
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public right away of the landscape we're responsible for this how we contribute to the city. two people are not here that are responsible for landscaping. james has been with the committee for 10 years and richard has been with us for four years. together they have not just moistened but improved effort hill station and recently doing some work putting planters at the woods division which is in the dog patch division. those guys really stepped up to
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make improvements in the dog patch park and we're very pleased with. instead of using chemicals to get rid of unwanted vegetable they used goats to remove unwanted vegetation. they're not quite zero mission goats but they do is good job. these are part of the assets that maintain our good works. i think we have a few before and after photos to show off their
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work >> good afternoon members of the board. on behalf of john it is my pleasure to present these recognitions to james and to richard and to accept it for salvador and with the boards indulgence i'd like to share some of their work. coming through. so this is westportal station before you can see that it was basically a triangle with nothing on if it. once their handy work was completed you can see not only the new curb but beautiful planting.
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this is part of our goals. at the same location those of you who have been to westportal station this is the exit sidewalk it's pretty banner and this is an example of ha their handy work. you mentioned our low admissions way of taking care of the weeds. that's indeed at this location >> i'd like to present those awards now. james my congratulations for bringing such beauty.
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we really appreciate it. and before we move on i'm going to give james an opportunity to address the board and then i'll continue with richard. >> congratulations mr. good morning brshgdz. first of all, i'd like to thank my lord and savior jesus christ. this man gives me a lot of support and has a great secretary. and last but not at least i have a great crew. god has blessed me with a great crew.
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i'd like to thank you for this award it's very humbling >> thank you. good morning once again i'd like to present richard moraine with his award and give him a chance to speak >> thank you, thank you again. i'm going to make it can you tell me pretty much doing it for the family, you know. it's not just - sometimes, it's not a job and sometimes, it say, i want to thank my crew and everybody else. >> thank you. thank you and in closing the accept the award open on behalf
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of mr. salvador. and we have one other ward and this is based on a program that was started by jerald williams that were what we've been doing is in bringing up a stronger safety culture as we start some competitions that issue an award on safety performance. i'd like to ask a couple of gentlemen to come forward. that the kirkland division was leading in lost time injuries they actually had no lost time injuries in 2013.
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they're in compliance they've showed leadership in all safety matters and surrounds. they've been in compliance as a result of all safety issues. they've got a strong team. they make sure that everything in personal use and equipment all the things they have in place is why they have no lost time. i'd like to congratulate all the crew and ask girard to present the award. i want to say about paul williams son and his crew kirkland.
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paul williams is one of the superintendents that gets the safety program. he's really hands on and he's always been there. he gets to the issues and fixes the issues. he anyway's that ail employees leave work safety like they came. >> all i can say is thank you very much for the award, you know. couldn't have define that without the help of jerry and especially the work of my crew. you have quite a few of the personalities and i'm very happy they came through for kirkland and my crew.
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i'll be displaying this where my crew can see that. >> a couple other quick things sometimes like paul are very excited about the new flier buses will be arriving by the end of the month. that was part of procurement. we were able to get 16 new buses. the first one we were able to
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get those quickly rather than doing this all on our own we piggy backed into another program. those buses will be assembled this week and the first bus will be here by the end of the month. and starting in may we'll start receiving the fill production businesses we'll anticipating getting 5 buses a week. so we'll be testing them and putting them into service. again those are the first new buses to hit the streets of san francisco since 2006, 2005. as you know, we of one of the oldest bus systems in the
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region. this is a long time in coming. i want to thank you you all for you leadership. they'll have a bunch of significant better features. so that is moving on schedule. very happy about that. the other news kind of in line with capital funding i want to give you a little update on the city's capital plan. every two years the city updates at any time capital plan this was put together and recommended by a committee of folks which i have one of the seats. the plan every other year is submit to the mayor and the board of supervisors on march 1st.
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to last week the capital committee approved the next capital plan, which notably has some significant investments for street improvement in this plan. there is a new funding category of new general fund expenditures. on one side there's several hundreds of thousands of dollars for street improvement. we will be able to continue the improvement of the streets which will benefit our transit motor vehicle. and we avenue traffic renewals that we get federal funding to
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replace our traffic vehicles but we don't get the offer halls that the manufactures recommend. especially in the punishing environment that we have in san francisco so this will be additional funding to do the mid cycle over hail. their life is 12 years we'll be able to pull them off and maintain them. with the traffic signals we have in san francisco and while we've been


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